Is the Bible the Word of God?

The Bible is a unique book. Its history, message, influence and accuracy are incomparable with any other book in the world. Its message touches on the most difficult and important issues of life, such as the meaning and purpose of life, the nature of good and evil, the problem of sin, and the way to salvation.

Christians claim that the Bible is the word of God. But can this be proven? In this video I present evidence which supports the claim that the Bible is the word of God.

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Did Jesus Christ Rise from the Dead?

Did Jesus Christ rise from the dead? This is surely one of the most important questions anyone could ask. If it is true, then the resurrection of Christ has significant implications for each of us, not only in regard to the next life, but for this life as well.

In this video, I show that there is strong historical evidence to support the resurrection of Christ.

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Was Jesus Christ God?

The central message that Jesus gave the world was one of peace with God and salvation through faith. But it was not for this that he was put to death by the religious leaders of his day. The single greatest difficulty with Jesus Christ is his claim to be the Son of God. To many religious people this claim is blasphemous, and to others it is inconceivable.

But what if it is true? What if Jesus Christ was God in the form of a man? Surely this is a question at least worthy of investigation.

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Does God Exist?

The question of God’s existence demands examination, because it holds the key to the meaning and purpose of our own existence. But can God’s existence be logically proven without appealing to religious experience or a leap of faith? In this video, I show that there is, in fact, abundant, rational evidence for the existence of God.

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Future Events


The Bible contains important information about events in the future which cannot be predicted from human knowledge. On a personal level, we learn about death, resurrection, and judgement. On a more general level, we learn about the return of Christ at the end of the current age, the subsequent thousand-years reign of Christ and his saints on earth, and the eventual re-creation of the universe.

In this video, I present a brief overview of these key future events.

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Was Jesus Christ the Messiah?


Christians believe that Jesus Christ was the Messiah whose coming was predicted in the Old Testament. Those of the Jewish faith, however, disagree, and are still waiting for the Messiah to appear. So who’s right?

In this video, I present evidence to show that Jesus Christ was the Messiah.

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The Providence of God


The Bible tell us that God controls and sustains all of creation. This is referred to as the Providence of God. On the face of it, this doctrine seems perfectly logical and reasonable. But it also raises some challenging philosophical issues which need to be addressed. In this video, I discuss the biblical evidence for the Providence of God, and how we can understand its implications.

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